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Rise Up: Hamilton-inspired Dance Video

During breaks in-between shows and a few days off, Rafael and Andre Malcolm worked together to create a dance video inspired by the hit musical Hamilton. With countless hours of rehearsals and a dedicated cast and crew, entertainment team members from Busch Gardens Williamsburg came together to film an exciting piece called "Right Hand Man, Virginia".

Candid photograph of the director (Rafael Martinez-Salgado) talking to the cast.

Below is the final product of all their hard work. Many thanks to all involved!

Right Hand Man, Virginia Directed by Rafael Martinez-Salgado Choreography by Andre Malcolm Featuring Luca Baleani Alisa Mae Fendley Zuri Foreman Morgan McGhee Marjie Shrimpton Gina Ventura Erin Weinberger Freestyle Solo Videography by Omar Zaki Group Dance Videography, Video Editing, Credits and Post-production by Todd Ferrante

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